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    Filepath for all users for picture insertion


      This is related to a question I had several days ago, but a different question.


      I have container field for which there will be only a small number of pictures to be inserted (jpgs), used repeatedly for different records, but inserted by many users (a simple illustration image, selected and inserted within a script based on the value in a number field). If it matters, the container field is defined to "Store container data externally".

      The desired workflow is for the user to enter a value from a drop down list into the number field (1 - 5), which fires a script inserting the correct choice of images into the container field.

      When developing the script, I set a path on my own HD to a folder with the images. All works well.

      My company has a common access web based file storage which I tried to use in setting the path, for a common access point for all users, but I can't get the script step, "Insert Picture" to accept any variation of the urls I tried.

      I could place a folder containing the images on each of the user's HD, in a common location for each computer, but don't know how to direct the script to this place for any given user.

      I'm familiar with the Get (DesktopPath) function and have used it for importing and exporting to files, so I tried using it with the images on my desktop, adding the file name to the path as I have done with the import script, but it doesn't work.

      Can anyone help with this?

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          A thought about how you use your data, and how it affects 're'storage of duplicate data...


          Why not instead have a "JPEGS" table with 5 records...your 5 jpegs in container...as well as a title field.


          In your workflow, the user picks a title from the dropdown menu...and you use this choice as your link field to the JPEG table.

          The container field from your JPEG table is on your layout and has an image as soon as they select the link field...


          Does this accomplish what you are trying to do?

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            I suggest you consider creating a table in your solution dedicated to storing your images. If you set these to external storage and leave the storage location relative to the solution, then FM will create the folders it needs to store them. Once that is done you can access the images via a standard FM relationship rather than having to worry about external file paths.

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              Eric and keywords - great idea, so simple, never thought of using a simple "donor" table for images.