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Question asked by disabled_rwintner on Oct 7, 2015

I'm not new to FMP but I am fairly new to using the security features. I've read a bunch of articles and tutorials, yet I am still confused. Here's my basic issue.


I have four separate solutions. Two use a shared Data file and the other two have their own data file, using the separation model of UI & Logic separate from Data. Total of 7 files all hosted on Server.


I basically have 3 levels of user for each solution each requiring the same basic restrictions. But I may have many actual users who come and go frequently.


QUESTION 1: Am I correct to understand that each solution (even each file) must have it's own set of users/passwords and, for ease of sharing, these users have to be identical in every file? If so, that's a lot of editing at the Admin level everytime someone comes or goes.


So...I thought I'd create an initial solution, called LAUNCH, which will allow people to sign in first and then I would reassign them a username and password from the common list, e.g. USER, MANAGER, ADMIN and allow them to press a button to launch the solutions they are allowed to access.


QUESTION 2: Is this an appropriate way to handle my problem or am I crazy? I did look at the user management module someone posted on github, but that doesn't really work for me, unless I really don;t get this subject at all.