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Using shell script to show custom dialog

Question asked by dyb on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by fentonjones

I'd like to run a script that would check if a folder exists and depending on the results i would like to execute another script step.


1. Script Step – Perform AppleScript:


Let ([Qmk = "\""; QmkAS = "\\\""];

"do shell script " & Qmk & "if [ -d " & QmkAS & "/SEARCHED_FOLDER/" & QmkAS & " ] ; then WHATSTHESTATUS ; fi" & Qmk)


I would like to save some information somewhere (i have no clue) if the script succeeded. Depending on the results i would like to run another script step:


2. Show Custom Dialog that the folder exists or not – if WHATSTHESTATUS = "yes" – for example.


How can i do that? Is it possible to retrieve some values from the if statement in the "do shell script" command? I would use Get(LastError) But there no errors after that script whether the folder exists or not...