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portal not filtering when multiple windows open

Question asked by scampione on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

Basic Description:

I have a situation in which portal filtering works as expected but only when one window with that portal is open:


System info:

FMPA 14.0.2 - local file - Windows 7 Pro SP1

Detailed Description: 

A layout contains a popover, which contains a slide control.  One of the slide panels contains both a filtered portal and a global text field used for that filtering.  Filtering works as expected when only one window is open OR when other windows are open which do not contain that main popover control.

The set up popovers is used in a 'customer selector' type of design pattern.


The global text field contains an 'OnObjectModify' trigger which invokes a script that merely sets a portal field to itself (to refresh the portal) and performs a 'Go To Object' in order to return to the text field for further input.


The portal filtering works when one window is open.  If I open another window and navigate to another layout which contains a copy of that popover (for selection in a different context) the portal is not filtered - or I should say - the automatic filtering provided by the script does not work.  If I "Refresh Window" the portal is then refreshed showing the correctly filtered items.


Again, the filtering does work as expected when multiple windows are open AND only one of those windows has this portal control.


One of the layouts is a LIST view, the other is a FORM view.


Attempted Remedies / Tests:

    • Removed the main popover control and placed only the portal and global field on both the LIST and FORM layout.  This did, in fact work as expected.  The portal filtering worked on both layouts - each layout in it's own window.
    • Renamed the popover objects and slide panel objects - portal filtering still did not work.


That's about it.  Would really appreciate any help.   Tried to include everything I could think of.  f further info is needed, please let me know