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Update embedded container - growing

Question asked by weirded on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2015 by weirded

Hi all,


I am trying to implement an update deployment system which uses the "Insert file / Export field contents" script steps.


I use as "server" a desktop (Mac) with FM Pro (not server).


The idea is that when the file is updated, it runs an import and insert the new file in the container field. When the mobile file logs, the "server" should "upload" the updated file on the mobile (I took inspiration from "Colibri Solutions One click update").


My problems:


1) If I embed the update in the desktop file, each time I perform the import operation the desktop file grows (even if I overwrite the same field).

2) If I store the file as reference, when I upload the new file on FM Go, the desktop uploads on the iPhone a sort of "path" instead of the actual "fmp12" file


If I embed the update in an "empty" intermediate (updater) file, instead of in my main desktop file, the updater file doesn't grow when I overwrite the container field.

However this complicates my system (I have to keep 2 files open on the Desktop - "main" ad "updater" - instead of just 1, as I am not able to open the updater from the main if the "Open file" script step is performed on the main file through the mobile file -> I get an error that the file to open can't be found...).


I hope my explanation of the problem is clear enough, otherwise feel free to ask.


Any thoughts / possibile solutions ?


Thank you all in advance.