Linking Multiple Portals on Multiple layouts

Discussion created by tnormandin on Oct 7, 2015
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Hello Everyone,

     I am a little new to Filemaker, but do know a good bit of the basics like pk, fk, and working with calculations and all. Mainly from working in excel. A problem I am running into are working with portals on various layouts. I will try to explain what I mean in the best way possible.


I am basically trying to create a database that will likely consist of at least 4 tables. A "Grouping" table that will kind of encompass all of the following tables.  An "Instructor" table, "Course" table and a "Location" table.  What I am looking to do is on my Instructor table have two portals that show what courses he/she teaches, and another portal with the locations in which they will teach it in.  Then to also have a Courses layout that will show what Instructors will teach that course and the locations that it is offered in. And last but not lease a Locations layout that of course shows the Instructors that will teach at that location and another portal with the Instructors that will go to that location.


So basically between those three tables you can search by Instructor, Course or Location and get the relative information for it.  So obviously all of the information would be linked so when I put in an instructor and course(s) they do and location(s) they will work in, If I go to the Course layout and lookup that course I will see that Instructor and the location it is offered in as well. 


Knowing me, I am likely overthinking this maybe, but just not having any luck getting it to work properly.  I do know very little about Table Occurrences. And I know I will likely be needing those but haven't had a lot of luck with them. I typically get a "?" in the field when I use them. So if TO is the main thing, any detail about it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advanced for any help or insight into this problem, I truly appreciate the knowledge of others willing to help people in need!