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Why isn't the layout's fields color printing?

Question asked by gregew on Oct 8, 2015
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I've Attached a screenshot of a corner of my layout (the template is one I selected from FM) showing two problems.  The first--the subject's question--is that although I've 'filled' all my fields with white color, when I print (either to my printer or to Adobe PDF) the fields appear the same as the background green, not white, thus defeating the look I was trying to achieve. Is there a setting I've missed?


Secondly, I wish I could remember which template I'm using (is there a Property where I can find that out?), but if you look carefully at the very top right corner of the layout you'll notice that the width of the light green center spills into the darker green border. This is happening in the Header and the Footer.  I can change the width of the background in the Body (thank you very much), but I can't set the Header and Footer to match.  Can't I edit parts of templates? Is that the problem?


I'm using FMPro Advanced 12 on a PC.