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    Why isn't the layout's fields color printing?


      I've Attached a screenshot of a corner of my layout (the template is one I selected from FM) showing two problems.  The first--the subject's question--is that although I've 'filled' all my fields with white color, when I print (either to my printer or to Adobe PDF) the fields appear the same as the background green, not white, thus defeating the look I was trying to achieve. Is there a setting I've missed?


      Secondly, I wish I could remember which template I'm using (is there a Property where I can find that out?), but if you look carefully at the very top right corner of the layout you'll notice that the width of the light green center spills into the darker green border. This is happening in the Header and the Footer.  I can change the width of the background in the Body (thank you very much), but I can't set the Header and Footer to match.  Can't I edit parts of templates? Is that the problem?


      I'm using FMPro Advanced 12 on a PC.

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          Regarding your second point...

          You can adjust the second, red, vertical, slice line in the inspector to change how much of the border is showing.


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            Unless there's something I'm missing, clicking in the Header (or any other Layout Part in the template) does not activate any attribute in the Appearance tab in the Inspector.  Fields, yes.  Nor do sliding the slice lines (which I have showing) do anything to the template itself.

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              In the toolbar beside the field picker in layout view it will tell you which theme your using. As for backgrounds maybe a printer setting? Not sure on that one. Check in the inspector that the field definately has a fill colour. Check its brought to the front and not hiding behind anything.For the widths of objects maybe some layout objects are grouped so they are all narrow/widen. Drag a box around them and see if multiple objects are highlighted. Just some suggestions I can think of.

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                Thanks, Ben, but no luck on both counts.  I made certain that all the fields were 'brought forward,' but in the two screenshots, attached, you'll see that there are white data entry fields, but when printed all there is is a field of green and no white surrounding the data.  And yes, the fields' Fill is indeed set as white.


                And I can't find where you say the theme is identified.  Would you be more precise as to where that is?


                (Also, I'm having no problem with my layout objects--I was asking about the theme's Header background.)

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                  A thought on "Why" for the color printing...but unfortunately not a solution for you...perhaps it is enough to jog someone else's great idea...


                  Most of my experience in printing from PC is that everything prints...not just WYSIWYG.

                  You see what you see on the paper because the background was there...and it printed.


                  The background is printed AND the field color is printed.

                  White being a great non-color in the world of laserprinting...that area 'non-prints' right on top of the background print.

                  I see the same thing in Powerpoint.


                  Assuming this is what is going on, the question becomes not "How do I cover the background with white?", but "How do I make that area not have a background color?"

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                    No way to tell what template you are using from the screen shots you given.  The theme you are using is Forest.  You can go to Layouts then click change theme and it will display your current theme. 


                    I don't have a clue how you got the header miss aligned you may have to create a new layout.  


                    I guess it is the default behavior to have the field disappear when you click print or preview.  It disappear on my test.   I would create a second print layout then use the rounded rectangle tool to place shapes on the layout then go back and insert merge fields on top of the rounded rectangle shapes.

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                      Unfortunately, you are correct, sir.  But I hate to click "Correct Answer" on your or 'schamblee's' replies because I'm holding out hope that "schamblee's" solution (to create white shapes) is not the only way to solve this problem  (Hey, FM Folks--did you fix this in v13 or 14?!? I'd like true WYSIWYG, please. You're smarter than those Powerpoint developers, right?)


                      Anyway, I tested 'schamblee's' idea, creating a similarly-sized shape as one of my fields, with white fill, plopped it over one a field, Sent it Back and voilá, it worked!  A white field with data when I printed a test page!


                      I'm holding out hope that a different solution will arise over the next week or two because I'd hate to have to do this for the other 60+ fields!

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                        Schamblee, please see my reply to Eric Twiname.

                        Thank you very much for your reply!

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                          A couple of points:


                          1.     It appears to me that the theme you began with is Forest, and my best advice is, don't use it. The misalignment of the layout parts that you are seeing seems to be built into ALL the Rounded group of themes, of which this is one. I've played around a bit with the slice settings to no avail. This ought to be reported to FM as a bug.


                          2.     I don't know what you've done to make your fields transparent, but whatever you do, you should work with the theme settings to fix it. This involves, (1) changing an object, any object, and saving that change to the style—which will immediately change all other objects with that same style; (2) then saving the theme as a new custom theme; (3) making any further object changes you want, progressively saving each change you are happy with as part of the custom theme. (see screenshots)


                          3.     If the above doesn't fix things, try simply switching to a different theme in order to reset everything (even then switching back again if you haven't already corrupted the Forest theme settings), then starting again to build a custom theme—it might be a bit of a pain but it will save you a lot of angst in the long run.


                          Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 9.37.30 am.pngScreen Shot 2015-10-09 at 9.37.57 am.png