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    Reserialize script crashes Filemaker Go 14.0.3


      I believe this probably started as a resullt of iOS 9  (Currently running 9.0.2), but I run this script less than once a month, so the last time I ran it was prior to iOS 9. I use it to re-number my records if I delete one and need to reset the record numbers in a list view. I tried to reboot the program (after a "force quit" on the iPad), reboot the iPad, quit bacground Apps, without the problem going away. The Scrip is:

      Enter Browse Mode []

      Go to Field [Visits Template::Visit Number - One Month Only]

      Replace Field Contents [No dialog; Visits Template::Visit Numer - One Month Only; Serial numbers}


      This script has worked fine since creating it. I haven't changed any field names, etc. With this script I'm not only reseting the record count, but reseting what the next number will be. (Ex. I have 21 records showing in a list view, but they end with number 22, since I created and then deleted a recoord. This script renumbers the records from 1 to 21, and resets the count so the next record created will be number 22 rather than number 23.)

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          Ok. I discovered that if I click into (by touching it, on filemaker Go 14) the count field first before running the script (by touching a "button" that activates the script), then it doesn't crash. So I'm going to look at my script on my Mac, and make sure it is selecting that filed first before running the script.

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            My other solution was to delete the 1st script step "Enter Brows Mode". Since Filemaker Go doesn't allow you to enter Layout mode or switch from Layout mode to Browse mode, that step may have caused the crash. I no longer have to enter (touch) the count field first (titled in my database- "Visit Number - One Month only"). I'm sure I have many other scripts where that is the first step of the script, but for some reason this particular script caused a crash every time I elicited it.

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              Well, the crash is still happening again unless I click into the count field 1st. Deleting the "Enter Browse Mode" script step didn't help after all.

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                Thank you for your posts.


                I am unable to replicate the issue using FileMaker Go 14.0.4 under iOS 9.2.  Here are the steps I took:


                1. I created a database file with a Number field titled "Number" and set the Auto-enter option for Serial Number.

                2. I added 20 records, and deleted a few out of the middle.

                3. I wrote a script as follows:

                  Enter Browse Mode

                  Show All Records

                  Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]

                  Replace Field Contents [ No dialog ; Table::Number ; Serial numbers ]

                4. I executed the script in FileMaker Pro to make sure it works (it does).

                5. I closed the file and moved it over to an iPad 3 and iPhone 5.

                6. Under FileMaker Go, the script executes without issue.


                Thinking this might be an invalid field naming issue, in FileMaker Pro, I created a second Number field "Visit Number - One Month Only".  After getting the warning message that the name cannot be easily used in a calculation formula, but clicked OK to proceed anyway.


                I duplicated the existing script, and changed the field in the fourth line to "Visit Number - One Month Only".  I ran the new script, and it worked correctly.  I moved the file to the iPad 3 and iPhone 5, launched FileMaker Go, and executed the script.  No problem.


                Since this used to work for you, something has changed.  First, in case the field is damaged, create a new Number field and try the script.  If this fails, then in case the layout is damaged, switch to another layout and put the original field on the layout and execute the script.  If this fails, then in case the file is damaged, create a new database file following my steps and see if you are able to replicate the issue.


                If the issue still continues with a new file, first reboot your device to clear out any memory issues and try again.  If it still fails, then reinstall FileMaker Go.


                Please keep me updated with any progress.



                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  Thank you very much for looking in to this for me!  I finally had some time to do some testing. First I tried renaming the field so it didn't have the dash in it. That made no difference. Neither did your 2nd suggestion of recreating that field in case the original one was corrupted (although admittedly, I duplicated the field, switched to a different type (date), than back to a number filed, rather than recreating it "from scratch"). Reluctant to go on to the step of recreating the Layout, in case it was damaged, I took a closer look at your script, compared to mine. I noticed that my script, unlike yours, had a separate "Go to field...." step. It occurred to me that since the "Replace Field Contents..." step already takes it to the correct field, the "Go to field..." step was probably unnecessary. After deleting that step, and moving the database back to my iPad again (Air 2 with latest iOS version), I could perform the script without a FileMaker Go 14 crashing. Thanks again!