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Reserialize script crashes Filemaker Go 14.0.3

Question asked by apmiller on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by apmiller

I believe this probably started as a resullt of iOS 9  (Currently running 9.0.2), but I run this script less than once a month, so the last time I ran it was prior to iOS 9. I use it to re-number my records if I delete one and need to reset the record numbers in a list view. I tried to reboot the program (after a "force quit" on the iPad), reboot the iPad, quit bacground Apps, without the problem going away. The Scrip is:

Enter Browse Mode []

Go to Field [Visits Template::Visit Number - One Month Only]

Replace Field Contents [No dialog; Visits Template::Visit Numer - One Month Only; Serial numbers}


This script has worked fine since creating it. I haven't changed any field names, etc. With this script I'm not only reseting the record count, but reseting what the next number will be. (Ex. I have 21 records showing in a list view, but they end with number 22, since I created and then deleted a recoord. This script renumbers the records from 1 to 21, and resets the count so the next record created will be number 22 rather than number 23.)