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    Image field as reference only


      Some time ago I set up a FileMaker Pro database one table of which has an image field in which I copied links to images which would not be embedded but which were displayed properly. Now I do not know what happened (a recent update?) but in the last few weeks my images appear to be suddenly embedded rather than stored externally. I am stuck because I can no longer find how to restore everything to its former state of reference only. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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          Are you wondering how to embed NEW images as "reference only", or have your existing images somehow changed to being embedded?

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            Hi, thanks for asking. I meant how to embed as new reference only. I had not used Filemaker for a while so I guess what may have happened is that I have been using the "insert picture" option in stead of the "insert File"? However, when I now use "insert file" the image is not displayed any longer.


            The weird thing is that the database still shows the images that I had entered earlier in a non-embedded way but when I use the "Insert File" option for new records all I see is the image name.

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              Found the solution that I had forgotton about: "Insert Picture" AND tick the "Store only as reference" box. Can't imagine why I did see it earlier (-:

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                Your copy of FileMaker will "remember" your selection until you change it, by the way. If you are scripting the insertion, you can count on knowing which setting is being used because you script it. Otherwise, be careful, because if you switch the setting in one database, that setting will be retained in any other database until it is again changed. Just something to note.

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                  That is good to know. I now realise why the old setting had not been kept, I think. I recently set up Yosemite from scratch and that meant re-installing FileMaker too. I guess the setting must have been lost then.