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Question asked by Albud1962 on Oct 8, 2015



I have attached a copy of a solution that I am trying to develop for a project management function.

I am assuming this would be a relational database application. The first table is the project table. It contains the project client, name and project number reference assigned by our accounting department. The second table is the task table. It contains individual tasks which link to a project. I am considering it a child of the project table. Each project may have variable tasks assigned to it and the tasks are unique to each project. Lastly, I have a status table. The status table is a child of the task table. The status table is updated weekly or when there is a change in status. Each Task can have multiple statuses. the status table has a description field and creation date field. It is intended to track the progress of the tasks. I had the tables joined in a  hierarchal order. I think the problem is the task table is both a parent and child of other tables. When I try to include the project fields on the layout I can't get them to display.  Also my task record keys continue to increment within the task table thus making it difficult  to restart the numbering of tasks for a new project number. I was going to use the project solution that came with Filemaker 14 but its a little too complicated for me to modify for the type of reports I am generating. I just needed a simple report with the project number in the header, the tasks being in the sub summary and then a listing of the status fields.

Any tips or direction is appreciated.