iOS 9.0.2 AirPrint on FMGo 14.0.3

Discussion created by eoin on Oct 9, 2015
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FMS14  hosted solution and iPad 3 or Air 2 running iOS9.02 and FMGo 14.0.3.



Button Script in a list view form sends the user to new record on a print layout (Works)

User enters data (2 fields) and then clicks a print button which runs a script to print to an AirPrint printer and return back to the list view.

Problem I am having is with a printer error dialogue. If the printer is low on toner Air print flashes up a warning dialogue after the print job has been sent. Click OK on the dialogue and the screen goes grey, the target list view form does not appear.


Touch the screen and the list view screen appears, but the FMGo app has become very slow and un responsive some times.

Quit the FMGo app with a button script to exit application works but any attempt to relaunch the file just flashes the screen.

Solution to the relaunch issue is to double click the home button and swipe the FMGo app upwards to kill it.

Launch FMGo again and everything runs fine until print error dialogue appears.


Work around is not to return to the list view within the print script but have another button on the print layout with a goto layout script step.


Other issue I am having is with small Star TSP100 Lan Thermal printers, In the new iOS print dialogue there is a print preview, If I press the print button immediately the the layout is reduced in size (shrunk). If I wait for 5 seconds the print Preview seems to re-scale the layout to match the paper size shown. Possibly and more likely a direct iOS issue, but will make printing a real pain going forward.