How to make a search through multiple tables ?

Discussion created by Boblebad on Oct 9, 2015
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I'm wondering how it is possible to make a search through multiple tables.


My project is based on an authors published works. The task is that there's books, magazines and some letters that appears kind a like a magazine. The bigger books are separated into lager parts and then into chapters. Then the chapters are split into smaller numbered text pieces. Each text piece has a title. The smaller books are mostly divided into chapters. The articles in the magazine and letters are of course ordered differently, so they can't go into the same table.


Or can they, what is the best solution ?


From what i know. Data needs to be grouped. Therefor there needs to be separate tables. But how can i then do a search that searches the bigger and smaller books and also searches the magazines and letters at the same time, so that i can do one search in one place and don't have to do 4-5 searches ?


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