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Updating a PHP application from FMS11 to FMS13

Question asked by tony_matthews on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by tony_matthews

We are trying to upgrade our FileMaker Server from FMS11 to FMS13. Unfortunately an important PHP web application which uses the database does not work correctly on a FMS13 hosted database (using the PHP API supplied with FMS13). Most of the application is working correctly excepy for one section which accesses repeating fields. Values for the repeating fields are either incorrect of missing.


For example we have a repeating field with 32 elements. When reading the values using the PHP API the retrieved values for elements 0 to 15 contain the actual values for elements 16 to 31 and the retrieved values for elements 16 to 31 are empty. I have been able to replicate this behaviour in a simple database containing one table containing two records so it is unlikely to be a problem with the database (the orignial application's database was converted from FM7 to FMP12).


Software versions are:

FileMaker Server: (hosted on Windows 8.1 Pro)

PHP:  5.6.13

Apache Web Server: 2.4.10 (Hosted on Debian Linux 8.2, also tested on Windows Vista).


Has anyone seen this befavious before and does anyone have a solution to the problem?