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    Calendar occupation views




      I have a table with two fields, one is checkin date and other with checkout date.

      I would like to know if there's some ways to show the calendar, and show the occupation marked between those two dates.


      Thank you,


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          I think you mean to do this:


          • create a date field with global storage (say, gDateFilter )

          • create a self-join for your table: create a new table occurrence, give it a meaningful name (i.e. YourTable_selfByDate), and create a relationship where

          YourTable::gDateFilter ≥ YourTable_selfByDate::checkInDate

          YourTable::gDateFilter ≤ YourTable_selfByDate::checkOutDate


          Put the global fiel onto the layout and format is as calendar; then add a portal into YourTable_selfByDate. Selecting a date from the global field should show all matching records by date.

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            Thank you for the reply.

            It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but is also very useful for another option.


            What I would like, is to have a month view (a calendar view) showing the occupation of the five apartments on it (apartment is also a field of the table).


            It is to have an overview of the occupation and always know when the apartments are available and booked.