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Mysql data validation iddue - required value

Question asked by DonClark on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2015 by DonClark

I am using FM 14 on a FileMaker 14 server, both running on a Mac.  I set up an odbc connection (Actual ODBC Driver, up to date) to a mysql table with full permission credentials.  My problem is that virtually all fields on all tables are marked on the FileMaker side as Always Validate and Required Value.  I can get change the Always Validate to not be present, but cannot get rid of the Required Value.


The Mysql table does not require most of these fields to be required (only certain fields are marked as "Can't modify auto, auto entry", and those are primary keys in each table. 


I can't find any way to change these values.  I have tried changing the values in FM, then synching with and without saving changes first.  When I re-open the Database Manager, the values have reverted. 


I followed the advice found here from 3 years ago, and it did not work:


MySQL Data Validation Issue - Required Value - changes not propagated?


Does anyone have any ideas?  I have never had this problem with other installations. 


Thanks for your help.