Script Trigger Sequence in 14. Which is correct?

Discussion created by DDoughtie on Oct 11, 2015

I was trying to use the FMP 14 help (OSX) to look for  the Script Trigger reference and for some reason it will not load at all (that's another post why it can't find the 14 help guide). So I used the Resources link under help and did a search for Script Triggers. Found an updated list that shows all the triggers and their sequence when triggered by a single event. Setting up script triggers I then happened to look at the script trigger sequence referenced in the FMP 14 Advanced Training book (pages 404-405). And realized they don't agree.


On the Setting up script triggers link it has #7 being "OnObjectEnter". In the training manual it says "OnViewChange" (On the webpage it has "OnViewChange" as #20). After that none of them agree until you get to #21 OnModeExit.


Anybody out there really know the correct order?


UPDATE: I also realized that the Before/After Processing doesn't agree either. The weblink says that OnFirstWindowOpen is "After" and OnWindowOpen is "Before". But the Training Series manual (page 411) says OnWIndowOpen is "After". OnWindowClose is also backwards.


I suspect the website is wrong. I looked in the FMP13 Training series and it seems to agree with the 14 Training series but without the new triggers found in 14.