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Active Directory - Sign On

Question asked by sreese on Oct 9, 2015
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Greetings Community Members!

A little bit of background information before asking the question:


I am currently working on a new solution, and I'd like to increase the security of my solution by tying the login to Active Directory.

I'm currently using Windows Sever 2012 R2 with FMPS 14v3.


The active directory integration part is setup, and I can login if I type in my username and password. However there are a couple of things that don't seem to be working the way that I thought they would. When I go into security it doesn't show the name of the account, only unknown. (Image below)




It also prompts me for my username and password whenever I logon.


I am looking for a method to do single sign on. So that when FileMaker loads they are automatically logged in using their windows credentials.


Any ideas?