Make an onscreen object flash or pulsate

Discussion created by Stu412 on Oct 9, 2015
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Hi there


I have a use case where it's necessary for FM to run a script which updates records - the script takes around 10 seconds to complete. I want to run this on an occasion when a user edits or adds to a portal set of records.


I could just use a script trigger, but as I say, this would fire the user into a 10 second update quite frequently and get annoying very quickly.


Instead, I want to run the script just once and update all records which are changed in one go.  In order to do this, the user will click a button labelled 'Commit Changes' and it's this I want to draw their attention to.


When the user edits or adds a record, I want a flashing box to appear around the button.


Has anybody got any ideas on how to do this, or indeed, whether it can be done?