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Auto-Complete Suddenly Stopped Working!

Question asked by SadaStipe on Oct 9, 2015
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I'm creating a new database and I finally figured out how to get several fields to auto-complete using an ID drop down list. I'm working on a layout that has two different auto-complete sections--one for customers and one for products. All fields were auto-completing fine UNTIL I was in Browse mode and modified the company name for one customer, which was an auto-complete field. You would think that might screw up the customer auto-complete list but it actually screwed up my product auto-complete fields! I've tried a thousand different ways to get it back but have failed. My product-ID drop-down list still works properly but none of the product information related to the ID # gets entered into the fields. I also can edit any of said fields.


Also, I've noticed that sometimes my auto-complete data simply disappears from the record I'm working on, especially when I click out of a field or switch to another layout. What gives?! Thanks in advance!!