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WebDirect seems to have taken a speed/performance hit with FMS 14

Question asked by ceath on Oct 9, 2015

We finally carved out some time to upgrade from FileMaker Server 13 to FileMaker Server 14 about a month ago.  We host several systems (on a well-provisioned Mac Mini that has performed well in the past) for a variety of users who access the systems via WebDirect.  Before the upgrade, systems we had been hosting had acceptable performance.  After the upgrade, I've been getting sporadic complaints about web browsers that seem to be stuck, not being able to access the system at all, or browsers that may do a few initial things (e.g. asking for a user ID and password), but then hang or disconnect quickly.


I know this is a big question with lots of possible answers, but what are some top areas to look into to get our performance back to where it is acceptable?  The fact that our systems were zippy enough under FMS 13 makes me suspicious that I may have some settings wrong on the FMS 14 installation.