RIP Bart Bartholomay

Discussion created by wimdecorte on Oct 9, 2015

It is with a heavy heart that we have learned of Bart Bartholomay's passing last Monday.


Bart has been an invaluable member of the FileMaker community for decades.  When I started out working with FileMaker 20 years ago Bart already had a stellar reputation and I spent most of my very first devcon trying to meet him.  When I did we hit it off and I was honored to be considered his friend.


In addition to being a FileMaker guru, Bart was also a decorated hero. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Silver Star for his gallant action in defense of his ship against an air attack. His Phantom is on permanent display on USS Midway in the San Diego harbor.  At the 2010 DevCon in San Diego, several of us were able to participate in a ceremony on the deck of the Midway honoring Bart where we placed small flags on the plane.






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