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    Weird crushing behavior




      I was working all the day yesterday for modifying scripts AND modifying layouts AND adding and modifying records.

      At the end of the day, Filemaker crushes when I was looping though records adding some info.


      When restarting and recovering, all the scripts and records and layouts modified were brought to the previous status before modification.

      It was just like a dream, all of it disappeared on wake-up.

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          I assume you mean crashes.

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            I also assume he means 'nightmare'.

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              I suspect that the database was local, and there is likely a backup of the database in a different folder on the disk. That might help with the nightmare.

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                Yes Indeed. Sorry, It is crashes and nightmare.


                Even fields I have created in tables disappeared.

                I have used a files backuped 24 hrs ago to restart my work

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                  I would almost guarantee that dtcgnet is right, and you're not opening the same file that you did all that work in. I've had similar "nightmares" before, and after the shock and terror wears off, I inevitably find that the whole time I was working in a different copy of the file than I thought. Have you done a search for your file across all your hard drives? Maybe broaden the search to fm files modified recently?


                  Not to say you can't lose work in an FM file during a crash, but FM does save as it goes, so unless you managed to stay in layout mode on the same layout the whole time, didn't save any of your scripts, and kept the database design open from the first table edit until the crash, at least some of your work will be found in the file that you were actually working in.


                  That being said, I've also had times where, by the time I found the wayward file copy, I'd already given up and just done the work over again. But then, that was almost as depressing as the original nightmare.


                  Best of luck.


                  Chris Cain


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                    Yes I am sure I am using the same file because I did my search and opened all the possible files that I have => none matched.


                    But most importantly, to prevent this problem, I always open my solution from the starter solution in the "favorite" section

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                      I read this post this morning and I just read your dropbox post.  I would guess that you were saving your file to dropbox and this is most likely what cause your problem.   If different users were opening the file then you would have several different copies of your file in dropbox.  You may have a conflicted copy in dropbox that has some of your work.  Even if you are the only user it can lead to problems.  If you leave the file open on one computer, then you go to another computer then make changes then go back to computer 1 and close the file then the file on computer one will become the new file in dropbox and will over write the file on the dropbox server.


                      Dropbox is a great product, but you have to use care.   I found out the hard way too, I lost data and database changes.

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                        No in fact, I don't use dropbox in that way (and even never recommended users to do so, in contrast I discourage this use).

                        I just use it for backup and never use it for file "networking".

                        I only have a single copy of dropbox that I have also tried.

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                          Dropbox can not be used for networking.  Dropbox will only allow one copy of the file to be open at a time which is what causes the copies to be overwritten and multiple copies with different data. 

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                            Yes . for sure