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Filtering a drop-down list

Question asked by rickaltman on Oct 12, 2015

I would like to enter evaluations from patrons of a recent conference and would like to create a drop-down list of those who attended. It's easy enough for me to create a drop-down list of the first and last names of those in our database, but that is a superset of over 12,000 names -- that's a pretty lengthy list!


I know there is a way to filter that list to show only the 220 who attended our recent conference, but I do not know how to create that relationship. To provide a few details:


- The parent table is called Patrons and the fields are First Name and Last Name

- Conference patrons are in a related tabled called Activities and the conference name of Presentation Summit 2015 is in a field named Event.

- I am using FMPA 12.



Thanks in advance for any help.