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Importing and exporting from Filemaker 14?

Question asked by krudny on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by tsplatypus

Has anyone had problems importing or exporting from FileMaker 14?


Here is the system specs:


Windows 7 64 bit

FileMaker Pro Advanced 32 or 64 bit installed it has mattered I have tried both.

I have also tried 14 with no updates and 14 updated to v2


I have tried importing and exporting data to and from in several different formats.  A number of records will import and export but never all of them.


If I switch to FileMaker 13 everything works great.


Number of records vary in my files but for instance one file has 39709 records.  14 will import about 9000 and will only export 3900.  14 then just seems to lock up during either process.


13 takes only seconds to complete either function.