Sliding Objects ... anomaly? or not understanding it properly ...

Discussion created by techxedu on Oct 10, 2015
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I'm having a little difficulty understanding and correcting the behavior of the first object in a series that I've applied the "Sliding Up based on" property in the "appearance" tab of the data inspector. This is FMPv12.


Half way down this report, I have four objects placed in a vertical series (obj1, obj2, obj3, obj4) pointing to 4 different text fields. I made these object big vertically (all 4 are same size) because the field contents are freehand text of varying length.


Challenge is that the first object, obj1, does not shrink properly thus obj2 starts after a big space; obj2, obj3 & obj4 does slide & shrink properly. I just don't understand the behavior of obj1.


I've tried putting a dummy object right above obj1 that is vertically shallow and applied the same slide options after seeing the obj1 behavior relative to the other subsequent objects with the slide option - but no dice.


Any advice will be very much appreciated