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Dynamically assigning database fields to layout objects?

Question asked by techxedu on Oct 11, 2015
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Thanks to the assistance I've received here in troubleshooting object slide feature, I think I have a draft of a report template. My volunteer project using FMPv12 is student report card so my goal is to have a PDF for each student which is a record in the FMP database.


While searching the knowledgebase I saw one article that pointed out the "ObjectName" property. I'm not quite sure how to address an object by that property in a script yet but at least made sure to name each object I place on the layout with unique names using the Inspector (Inspector -> Position tab -> Name property): "classnameobj", "overallgradeobj", "subcategory1gradelabelobj", "subcategory1gradeobj", etc. etc. Some classes have a subcategory grade on top of overall grade while some don't.

I've also made sure that fields in the student database contains sequential numbers for field names: "class1name", "class1overallgrade", "class1subcategory1gradelabel", "class1subcategory1grade", class2name", "class2overallgrade". etc., etc.

Above in the hopes that I can dynamically assign database fields to layout objects while looping through all classes a student takes (i.e. a record contains these). Pseudo code of what I'm thinking is like this:


for x = 1 to report.card::NumberofClasses



for y =1 to 5

     if reportcard::classxsubcategoryygradelabel <> NULL then




next y

next x


Is above doable in FMPv12's scripting? I just wanted to make sure I'm on the right track. If not I'll have to just make the template 10 times longer and larger (if there are 10 classes a student takes) and not dynamically assign the database fields to layout objects but use the "Specify Field" that pops up when you right-click a layout object instead. In all honesty I'll rather dynamically assign through scripting language if version 12 has these capabilities because the template will also be short & sweet.


Thank you,