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Discussion created by Ben_B94 on Oct 12, 2015
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I'll try and explain this...


I have a button which goes to a layout then finds matching records,  its fine but I noticed that after the script is done it stays in find mode till I hit the button to exit. Problem is if I press a button to add a new record it will immediately relate it to the find if I have not hit exit find mode. And if I exit find mode and then research - the record which shouldnt be related stays related.  So is there a way to display only the related records and have it exit find mode. (And have I made a mistake somewhere along the line because this is happening? Or this what happens when you add a record in find mode?)


Im asking because if I use it then yes I know I need to exit the find before adding any more records, but for other people using it, it will save me having to tell them to do it every time.