Print Setup and Print menu options in FileMaker 14 (Windows 10)

Discussion created by JeffHenry on Oct 12, 2015

Hello community,


My company has a plug-in built for manipulating the Print Setup and Printing options of FileMaker and after some testing it has come to my attention that the Print Setup and Print options under the File menu in FileMaker 14 don't work correctly when running in Windows 10.


Basically, when you enter your settings in the Print Setup menu, the settings don't carry over to the Print dialog.To recreate,


1) Open FileMaker 14 in Windows 10.

2) Go to File->Print Setup

3) Pick any printer settings

4) Save the printer setup by clicking "OK"

5) Go to File->Print

6) Verify if the print setup carried over.


Just to make sure I wasn't going crazy, i performed the above steps in FileMaker 14 on Windows 7 and the Print Setup carried over appropriately. Anyone else encountered this issue? I didn't see it reported under the Windows 10 compatibility page, so I will probably report it to FileMaker shortly.


Setup - Windows 10 64-bit, FIlemaker 14 64-Bit.


Thanks guys/gals.