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    Updating database on iPhone


      Do I have to restart my iPhone every time I update the database in FilemakerGo with a database from Filemaker on my Mac?  I have no problem transferring the file and replacing the existing file on the iPhone, but it appears that it does not really update until I power down my iPhone and restart it.


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          Nope, you shouldn't need to restart your iPhone every time... When transferring/copying a FileMaker file from the Mac to the iPhone, first make sure that the file is closed in FileMaker Go. To do this, tap the icon in the top left of the toolbar, and then tap 'Close file' as shown in attached screenshot. Then, copy the file over from the Mac using iTunes, replacing the existing one on the iPhone.


          I actually use Dropbox to transfer files between my Mac, iPhone, and iPad.. Very easy to do, and also easy to copy them out of FileMaker Go and into Dropbox, i.e to get files from FileMaker Go onto my Mac.... Much less hassle than iTunes really, and wireless :-)




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            Thanks for replying.  I am a bit mystified because I don't see anything like the toolbar and icon you are describing in FileMakerGo on my iPhone.  I have an iPhone 5 and FileMakerGo 13.  Also I have no idea how to access Dropbox on my iPhone, but I'll look into it.

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              Ah yes, my screenshots were from FileMaker Go 14... It's a bit different in v13, but to do the same, see screenshots attached here.., making sure that you close all open windows for the file.