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Summary Chart on 1st Page ONLY?!

Question asked by sumaschu on Oct 12, 2015
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Hey All,


Dumb question #543.  I have a sumary chart that covers all the records within a table, which is what I want.  However, can only seem to get the chart to work correctly if I put it in the Part "Header".  In doing that, the chart now prints at the top of every page.  This explodes the number of pages to print, since each page now has the chart on it at the top.  Is there a way to have a chart include the entire table's records without having to print the chart at the top of each page?  My current report is about 27 pages with the chart on each page.  Without the chart on each page (with it only on the first page), the report would probably be 4 or 5 pages.  I currently have the following parts on the layout: Header, Sub-summary, Body, and Footer.  See below:Chart ScreenShot.png


As always, thanks!

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