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Best resources for beginning FMP14

Question asked by nopainpete on Oct 12, 2015

Hi everyone,


I'm new to FMP 14, as it seems are many of the poster on this forum.  I went through the 60 page tutorial for FMP 8.5, only because that was the latest version loaded on my work computer.  I just started a job as the equipment coordinator for a production company and currently they are using a ridiculous Excel based library for checking equipment in and out.  I'd like to move everything over to FMP 14 and need some more help.  I've been playing around with the assets template that comes with the trial version of FMP 14, but what I'd really like to be able to do is establish a list of users that I can update periodically, then, when they are ready to rent gear, I'd like to be able to scan barcodes and keep a running history, instead of having to check out each item individually.  First off, is this possible?  Secondly, are there manual or books you all recommend to get me started on this project?


Thank you all,