Calculating 3 results/outcomes (Accepted, Outstanding and Withdrawn)

Discussion created by disabled_kylerjphillips on Oct 13, 2015
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I have an unstored calculation field Requests::cRequest Status - the calculation for this is as follows:


If ( GetAsBoolean ( Staff Requests Join::__fkAgencyId ) = 1  ; "Accepted" ; "Outstanding")


So basically, when there is a Staff Requests join record that has a __fkAgencyId associated with it - the status is Accepted and when there isn't the status is Outstanding.


I also want another Request Status which is withdrawn, I wan't this to be calculated when Requests::RequestsWithdrawn = "1" how can I add this into my current calculation, almost as an overriding factor? So almost as if regardless if the requests has a join record or not, the calculation is "Withdrawn" if the field equals "1".