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Data Transfer between FM Go and FM Server

Question asked by mmorin on Oct 13, 2015


Hello!  This really should be simple but I'm having a heck of a time getting a file transfer between database stored locally on FM Go and one stored on the FM Server. Well that's not really true, I have it working just fine, but my problem comes in when the ipad loses connection to our network and the server.  I have FM Server 13 running in a windows environment and FM Go 13 on ipads that can connect wirelessly to the FM Server.  (when there is a wireless connection)  And the huge kicker, I don't have any money to spend on a solution.  I need to fix this with what I have.


Okay  little history, we are a public safety training facility where we are using iPads and File Maker to track what a student has been taught.  Our 200+ acre facility has spotty wireless coverage in the areas where we need to use the iPads. I recognize all my troubles would be gone if we just up the wireless coverage in those areas, but that really isn't an option at this point.  So as officers are training they move in and out of wireless range and FileMaker really doesn't seem to like that.  My other hurdle is the users of the iPads are often times folks that have not even touched an iPad and I've had to make it as simple as possible to use the system (seriously big buttons and very few steps to make the system work)  Their primary goal is training students and not learning the quirks of an application, these are also part time folks that aren't here and always using the system to have time to train each time something goes wonky.  When connected to wireless everything works great, from the iPad I can download the scenarios from the server and upload student results back with clicks of buttons.  I don't have any automated processes the button has to be pushed in order for the upload/download to occur.  I'm just using import script step from the iPad Database and have an External Data source pointing to the Server Database.


What is happening now is when the FM Go database is started and they begin tracking the training, they start moving around our facility and can move out of wireless service.  Once they've lost service a message comes up attempting to reconnect to remote files, when that fails the database closes (maybe even FM Go) and they have to go back in.  Most times they have to reenter all the data and start again.


If I don't have the external data source identified, everything works except when they go to upload the data, it then asks them where the database is and it will be very difficult to train them to accurately locate the file.


What I'd like is a way to have the external data source listed but stop File maker from looking for it when connection is lost.  Or if there's a way to set an external data source via a script, something that stops this error.  We are able to tell our instructors, get to a wireless place and upload, but asking them to navigate to the server is beyond what we want them to have to do.  Think about sending 25 instructors into the night and trying to teach them, then getting a different 25 the next day and not seeing the first 25 for two months.  It has to be very simplistic or it won't be used.


Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!