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PSOS problems

Question asked by bigtom on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by bigtom

I have a script to run via PSOS. All the script steps are valid for Server. The script performs exactly as expected on FMP.


The script evaluates fields in two ESS databases for being empty and sets other fields based that condition. The following is the problem area. Please be assured the rest of the needed things to run PSOS have been handled.


IF [ not isempty (ESS1::field1)]

     Go to Object [ ESS1field2]

     SetField ["1"]


IF [ not isempty (ESS2::field1)]

     Go to Object [ ESS2field2]

     SetField ["1"]



ESS1 seems to not evaluate properly and the field is never set. I have added a number pauses in various places to get it to work but that is not the answer. I also moved the ESS1 If to run after ESS2 and still the same problem. ESS2 evaluates and works, but ESS1 never does. Again, running on client it works perfectly. It seems it is not about the timing but that there is a problem evaluating for ESS1 on the server.


Any ideas why the server is having trouble with this? The client also runs faster, but that may be because the ESS connection is already established.