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How do you handle spaces with filemaker php API?

Question asked by Alex.Kovacic on Oct 13, 2015
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I was asked to make a web interface for an already made filemaker database, I have a lot of experience with php, but never used filemaker before, so I've been looking of ways of using php to do it (and not the buint in filemaker web publish thingy)

I tried using odbc first but couldn't get it to work, so now I'm trying to use fmwebframe (FMWebFrame | An Extension to the FileMaker API for PHP) because it should easly allow SQL queries on the DB...

BUT this database is filled with tables with spaces in the names, whenever i try to query one of those tables i get "Oops! An unexpected error occurred." and when I rename those tables without the sapes it works...

Renameing all the tables is not a feasable task, this DB has more than 200 tables all linked and just as many scripts, so it would be way too easy to mess some links and stop everything from working.

How do you handle spaces with the filemaker PHP API? I tried the usual methos of enclosing the name with `Table Name` or escaping the space with Table\ Name (and a few more too like Table%20Name or [[[Table Name]]] and more...)

but nothing seems to work...