Suggestion: Layout Script Triggers - add 'on layout print' and 'on preview'

Discussion created by robdownunder on Oct 13, 2015
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I'd like to see each layout have a script trigger option that fires when 'print' is selected (from menus or icon) and similarly for when the preview button is pressed.


I know I can attach my own script to the print button, and I have done this, but I end up with a monstrous script that has to handle every layout as in ...


if layout = 1   print setup & print

else if layout = 2   print setup & print



else if layout = 999 print setup & print



If I could assign a script for each layout then I can name the scripts according the layout name and then be able to find the appropriate script to edit it.


Trying to find a layout name or number in a huge list of    if else if else if .... else  is tedious in the extreme, and there's no way (that I've seen) to search script text to jump to the section of the script I'm interested in. Please add searching from within the script text too !


It'd also be nice to have a script trigger for each layout that fires when the preview button is pressed, so that a print setup specific to that layout can be run.   The whole layout / preview / print setup / print  arrangement in FM14 is very clunky and must cause a massive amount of time wasting with users having to jump through hoops to preview and print consistently.   Where's the logic in the print setup for an open window of layout A changing when print setup is opened for layout B in another window ?.


Unrelated - please make custom dialog boxes customisable. I want to specify the size and style, not be stuck with a theme unrelated to the one everywhere else in the solution.