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3 tables one layout - portal fields not auto filling

Question asked by AmberDavis on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by erolst

I have three tables: Inventory, PartsOrders and Transactions.


Under Inventory their is a list of our inventory and it is categorized by a drop down menu as either Part or NYPD.

Under PartsOrders this layout is used to sell parts to customers. We have a portal showing related records from the Transactions table.

When selecting an item from the portal row you first have to select Parts or NYPD from a different dropdown menu to filter the items. The second dropdown menu is a value list (from first field Inventory 3::Item include only related values from PartsOrders 2). <--This makes it so it only shows either Parts or NYPD. Once the item is selected I would like the part number and the price correlated with the customer type to appear but it does not. I think having a conditional value list is messing up the autofill. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Inventory_Item: Cylinder

Inventory_Part #: Cylinder1

Inventory_Price_Retail: $5

Inventory_Price_Distributor: $2

Inventory_Department: Part


PartsOrder Layout

Customer = Retail


Item = Cylinder  Part# = Cylinder1  Price = $5