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Suggestions on a protocol for recreating a protected file from scratch

Question asked by pasleeth on Oct 13, 2015

I have a relatively small (3MB) .fmp12 file of 7,000+ non-sensitive records that's used to supply information for another related FileMaker file that does contain sensitive data.  Recently, I discovered that the first non-sensitive file -- let's call it Schools.fmp, because that's what it's really called -- at some point at least 20 months ago, either had its default Admin account deleted or (more likely) changed to another user name and a 20-character encrypted password of undetermined origin.


Up until last week, the lookup and relationship between the two files had been functioning fine in the background without problems.  But then I began doing development of Schools.fmp, mostly to the file's layouts and scripts that, unbeknownst to me, broke the relationship, and somehow resulted in imposing an authentication dialog that required entry of the account name with encrypted password.  I can still access Schools.fmp with a Guest account, but it's read-only and, effectively speaking, no longer usable.


Can anyone suggest an effective protocol for me to re-create Schools.fmp from scratch, along with its 24 fields, 7,000 records, several layouts and three simple scripts, while restoring Admin access and control that never should've been altered in the first place?


By the way, I'm using FileMaker Pro 13 ... oh, and I'm not an IT professional, just a layperson/administrator who's been using FMP for nearly 20 years.


-- Andrew