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    What is "Matters Most" in Discussion?


      Dear Experts,


      What is "Matters Most" in our Stream? Actually what mean it is, why the popup comes like that?

      Matters most.JPG

      Thanks in advance,


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          Jive Documentation


          What Is What Matters?

          What Matters is the way Jive connects you with timely, relevant information within a busy community.

          If you're part of a successful social business community, you'll see information flying by at a furious rate. What Matters is the Jive way of ensuring you can easily find and organize relevant activity and content in your community, without relying on email for every heads-up. What Matters provides a fast track to finding and monitoring the information that matters to YOU. It combines intuitive presentation of information you've already identified as relevant with smart recommendations based on what Jive Genius knows about you based on your activity and network. Not only will you know when you're mentioned or called on to take care of business: you'll also find out about activity from the edges of your network that might be important.

          Activity, Communications, and Actions

          Three different views of the information stream provide insight into key information from around the community. Activity shows you the entire activity stream--unfiltered or filtered to only those people, places and things you follow. (Tip: check out Matters Most for special recommendations of key information in your followed stream.) Communications shows you replies, direct messages, @mentions, and shares, plus any items you pulled in via "Tracking" for special attention.

          Actions calls out notifications, assigned tasks, and prompts to perform actions like approving group members or document revisions. You can filter each of these views to show only the items that interest you, and hide the items that don't.

          Recommended Activity

          Based on the content, people, and places you're already following, Jive's patented Jive Genius recommendation logic can identify additional conversations and connections that are likely to be relevant. Recommendations speed your ability to find and follow key contributors and information from around your community. To take advantage of recommended activity, access the Activity stream and look for Recommended content in the top right of the screen. You'll also see Recommended content whenever you explore by browsing.


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            Markus Schneider

            hmm... I'm too dumb, too old. Too complicated, did not get it )-:

            is there a way to disable that (at least personal disabeling)? Boy... how easy was live with invision board (among other)...

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              Thanks, M for providing the information from Jive. I'm moving this thread to Community Feedback since that's the closest category for it.