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<h2>ACDelco AB2045L Li-ion 18V 2.0Ah Battery Features: </h2><ul>

<li>Thermal protection circuit prevents charging battery cells from damage caused by extreme temperature conditions. </li>

<li> Li-ion battery cells provide excellent performance: higher Cell Capacity per Unit Weight, Low Self-discharge, No Memory Effect.</li>


<h2>ACDelco AB2045L Li-ion 18V 2.0Ah Battery Specifications: </h2><ul>

<li>Manufacturer: ACDelco </li>

<li>Part No: AB2045L</li>

<li>Weight: 1 lbs. </li>

<li>Type: Li-Ion</li>

<li>Power: 18V 2.0 Ah</li>

<li>Certification: CE</li></ul>

<h2>ACDelco AB2045L Li-ion 18V 2.0Ah Battery Includes:</h2><ul>

<li>(1) ACDelco AB2045L Li-ion 18V 2.0 Ah Battery Pack</li></ul>


The above data is in a field call ProductFeatures.

I'd like to have help making a calculation/script that will pull the data (in red only for illustrative purpose) and move it to a field called TechSpecs. (I don't want the red data to remain in the ProductFeatures field.) I have approximately 12000 such instances. The data in red is of variable length. It could have upwards of a dozen or more <li></li> lines and contain different information. The constant would be it is the second <h2> in the field ProductFeatures.

Thank you for your assistance to this noob



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