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    Everything has developed a grey fill.


      One of my layouts has developed a grey fill for the whole Body region if I Print it or View in Preview mode, but not in Browse mode, and I cannot figure out why and how to get rid of it.


      I have my previous version, and it Prints and Previews with white (or no fill).  I haven’t been working on that layout in the interim, and I cannot find any reason for the grey background.  The Inspector shows everything in that layout is formatted exactly the same as my older version: the fields are just text with Fill - none, Line - none, and the same if I click on the space not in any field. Browse mode does not have this grey background, but that is not what Prints.  In Preview mode, the border outside the Body region is a slightly lighter grey—the same as that border is in my older version that does not have the grey in the Body region.


      This layout only has a Body part and its dimensions and position are exactly as in the previous version. Clicking on the space not in any field and using the menu  Layouts > Change Theme   shows the current theme to be “Classic,” and the sample shown has a (darker) grey background with white in the data entry fields and the fields outlined in black. I have formatted my fields with no fill and no line. Everything I can find is just as in the previous version, except this one prints with grey everywhere, including in all the fields.


      Clicking on the space not in any field, the Inspector shows  Style: Theme Defaults, and all the other settings in the Appearance panel are greyed out.


      But I have grey everywhere, including in the data fields, and during all the work I have been doing on this database over the last several months, this layout has printed as I want it, black text on white (or no fill).


      Where else can I look to find why this grey fill is occurring?

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          you refer to an old version, did you just convert from fp7 to fmp12?


          What version of filemaker on what platform?



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            Body in inspector has 3 different choices: primary, alternate and active. Check each one of them for a grey fill color.


            Of course, you'll have to select the body part first by clicking on the left side, on the "Body"-marked selector.

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              It did start out in fp7 on Macintosh, but was converted to fmp12 on Macintosh OSX10.9.5 a while ago and has not had this grey fill until my latest version.

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                To siplus:  That’s the main cause of the problem.


                I wrote this for my wife to use at work on the other side of Los Angeles, an hour away, so when there is a minor problem, I work out the fix and tell her how to implement it.

                She is using FM12 Advanced, while I upgraded to FM 14 Advanced for its better development environment, and I have been giving her versions written in FM 14 for a couple of months. But I found out the hard way that detailed instructions on how to fix something (like what does the screen look like when editing a script) are different in FM 12 and 14, so for these small fixes, I use FM 12 so I can tell her exactly how to do it. Over the weekend, I gave her a new version with lots of improvements and imported all her data into the new version, and then Monday I got a phone call that it has this printing problem. I opened the file in FM 12 so I could duplicate her problem and then be able to give her detailed instructions on how to fix it, and I have been searching all over for the reason for this grey fill.


                I read your suggestion, and thought, “What, I don’t remember seeing that.” So I opened the file in FM 12—and there were no 3 choices for Body Fill. Then I opened it if FM 14, and there they were! That’s why I didn’t discover this—it doesn’t exist in FM12.


                Using FM 14, Primary and Alternate are white (FFFFFF), but Active is F8F8F8. I checked the older version that did not print with this grey fill, and it is the same, so why did this start using the Active background?


                I used FM 14 to change the Active to FFFFFF. That fixed the problem in FM 14, but after saving this change and then opening the file in FM 12, grey printing is still there.

                Then I opened it in FM14 again, and the grey is back! Checked the layout, and all three Body Fill choices are FFFFFF. Then I clicked on the background, and now it is set to a grey level! Changed it to white, and that fixed the problem.

                Quit FM14 and opened FM12, then opened the file. Now the Body fill is FFFEFE. I changed it to FFFFFF, but Save Layout stayed inactive, so I changed the Body fill None and Save worked. Now print is OK. Close file; reopen. Still OK. Close file, quit FM12.

                Open FM14, then open file. Print is OK.

                Quit FM14, open in FM12. Print is OK.


                I can’t find anything in Filemaker Help or Support explaining what Primary, Alternate, and Active mean here, so I don’t know why this suddenly started causing a problem. 


                Can you point me toward any documentation of this Primary, Alternate, and Active setting?


                Thank you.

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                  Can you point me toward any documentation of this Primary, Alternate, and Active setting?



                  I would get this book.


                  Page 340 and following address some points about formatting object states (including layout parts).


                  And besides that, it's a very good reading, almost 1'000 pages big...

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                    Thank you for the reference.

                    I have been using  FileMaker Pro 11: The Missing Manual, which I bought when I first bought Filemaker.

                    This feature did not exist in version 11, and when I discovered it today, I wondered if it is covered in the Filemaker Pro 14 version of the book.