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FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced "Trial" problems

Question asked by tonyfann on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by steveromig

I've been a FMP 14 Pro user since it debuted. Recently I wanted to test FMP 14 Advanced, and downloaded what claims it is a "Trial" from the appropriate page on the FM site. Two problems:


1) When I installed the "Trial" if appeared to be only FMP 14, and this overwrote my copy of FMP 14, effectively turning my paid FMP 14 into a "Trial".

2) When I uninstalled the "Trial" and attempted to reestablish my paid version, no matter what I do it's still acting like a trial version. And yes, I followed the uninstall instructions exactly.


So the "Trial" acts like malware. Any ideas for getting back my real FMP 14?


2013 MacBook Pro