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Audit Log - Batch Imports

Question asked by tetrasync on Oct 14, 2015

Hi new filemaker discussion board!


So on the old filemaker forum I raised the question about creating an audit log for my records in order to log any changes made in the database and to timestamp the change along with the user who made the change. Multiple users on the forum helped and I managed to create the audit (see link below for that post)


So I created an audit log by setting script triggers on the relevant fields I wanted to log, the triggers were set on both 'OnObjectEnter' and 'OnObjectSave' in order to compare the original data against the new data and then log it if there has been a change.


The issue I have now is that when you choose 'File > Import Records > File...' and bulk import records by matching one common field it does not record any of the changes.


I guess this is due to it not being an actual user directly accessing that single field in a given layout and its actually a direct import of multiple fields.


Does anyone know how I can get it to compare and record the changed data in the audit log during a batch import?


Many Thanks,