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    Nearly Beginner question - Instant Web Publishing


      I have a MacBook Air running Yosemite and using Filemaker Pro Advanced 12. My colleague in another office is running Windows 8 and we have just put Filemaker 14 on her machine. I need for my Colleague to be able to access and edit the Filemaker Files that I am presently using from Dropbox.

      I've read some threads around Dropbox and now see that it's not an ideal solution, so am looking at Instant Web Publishing.

      We both have static IP addresses, so I can manage security around the information (I think and hope?)

      However, I can't get the IWP to work! I've Googled until I'm googled out, I've read the Filemaker documentation etc, but all I get is Filemaker crashing and sending reports!

      Here is what I'm doing:

      I turn instant web publishing on

      I click on the file (and at this stage am saying anyone)

      I click on specify

      I've tried port numbers 80, 90 (the one allocated on my machine) and 591

      I say timeout after 5 mins

      I click apply (or ok)

      Filemaker crashes.

      What am I doing wrong?????!!

      Thanks in advance for any help.


      ps) We work for a charitable organisation so can't really afford ongoing costs for serving. I need to get this sorted as we just spent the money to get Filemaker 14!

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          IWP is deprecated and no more supported by FM14. If you want to use it, you need to open the file in FM12 all the time colleague need to access. (and they use web browser to access, FM14 never be used)


          You can use FM sharing on FM12 and FM14, but one of them need to open the file all the time, same as IWP.

          Port 5003 should be open by firewall.

          You need "global" IP address, rather than "static". Take care of anyone in the World can access to the IP address.

          In this case, using VPN to access to another office should be better.


          If 2 persons don't access the file at the same time, dropbox may be good.

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            User 19752 said it as it is. FM14 does not use IWP and FM12 can't read files designed with FM14. But FM14 can read FM12 files.  I do disagree, though, on not using static IP. If you were to use dynamic IP's you have to tell other users your IP address every time the host file is open. Just use strong passwords to keep others from opening the file.

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              Thank you for the time you've taken to help and reply.

              My colleague was away on leave for a few days so we had to wait to try out suggestions.

              Here is what we've ended up doing and the system seems to be working ok with a test file so far.


              The file is written on my computer using Filemaker12 so that her computer running filemaker14 can read it.

              I've then uploaded it to a team folder in Dropbox (different from a shared folder).

              This means that when we each edit the file it is synced and updated (although there is a bit of a delay).


              It's not the best solution (that would be to serve it), but it works ok for us at present and means we're not having to worry about the IP addresses etc.

              The way we work means that I'm mostly editing the file, she mostly just needs it for reference. When I'm away from work, then she is in charge of keeping it up to date, so any clashes in data are minimised as I'm not using it.


              Again, thank you for taking the time to help me out. Much appreciated.


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                yomango wrote:


                FM12 can't read files designed with FM14.

                This is not true.

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                  There have been a number of people covering the dangers of dropbox.


                  Take the time to figure out how to host it yourself or get a simple FM host service to host it for you for a small fee some offer discount for NPOs. Just ask.


                  IWP is not a means for another user to edit the file. Only for viewing and editing data.


                  To set up WAN internet sharing you need:

                  A static IP at your office. (optional domain name that points to this IP, for example fm.yoursite.org or server.yoursite.org)

                  A static IP on the LAN in your office for the machine that is hosting.

                  Port forwarding or port masking in your modem/router to send all traffic from port 5003 to the LAN IP of the host machine. (this is usually the part people have trouble with)


                  After that just turn on sharing and you are done. This will allow your other office to edit the file and the data.


                  This is not too difficult but if you have access to someone with some IT experience they should be able to hep you get it setup.

                  What model of modem / router do you have in the hosting office?

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                    The issues I have are that I'm it when it comes to IT (I know, scary thought!).

                    The other issue is that I don't work from an office. My role means that I'm either working from home or moving around sites and using public cafe's etc for meeting with people.

                    I do have a static IP address at my home, but the situation is such that having a dedicated computer to serve the files isn't really an option.


                    I'm using a standard domestic lynsky modem/router at my place.


                    From reading all the comments, I think that I'm trying to achieve something that is just a bit beyond our present resources.

                    We're a not-for-profit organisation supporting people with disabilities in New Zealand, and we're pretty much using Google and Dropbox (due to their free services) to share files etc.

                    However, these conversations have given me a better idea about things that I should be considering for the future.




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                      You can host the file properly with the situation you have but the IT end of it gets more complicated. VPN was suggested and that is an option.


                      I believe WorldCloud, Point in Space and a number of other FM hosts have discounted or free NPO hosting. Please contact them or find someone in your area to see if they can help.

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                        Thanks, I didn't know these services existed.

                        Have already googled those names. I'll try and get my head around it all and then contact them to see.