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    still loosing postings

    Markus Schneider

      forum software shouldn't be rocket science. Just enter some positings/answers...


      this forum is too complicated and there are some issues, even more after iOS9 appeared.

      - there mustn't be a selection when writing a posting in community feedback 'where do You want to have that displayed', just show that posting where it was created. I even lost one more posting because I wasn't sure what to enter there..

      - type some text, quickly type in comma blank (, ), it will select select the last word and overwrite that...

      - from the beginning, on iOS with every first paragraph, the first two letters will be big caps

      - sometimes, the edit box appears, but no keyboard

      - adding pictures can be a problem, when the box for selecting a picture isn't accessible

      - editing (long tap, the move the finger) sometimes won't work, no insertion marker visible

      - a lot more..

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          Similar things occurred on Window7 with Firefox.

          -Writing reply in "Connection stream", used "Show more comments" then I lost editor contents.

          -Then, editor don't work any more. There is no caret in editor, and all keystrokes ignored. I could only use cancel button to close editor.