FileMaker and 3-Layer Separation

Discussion created by lumberjacklane on Oct 14, 2015

Hi all, I have a client with a solution that uses the standard separation model: UI in one file, data in the other.  They have hundreds of customers all over the U.S. using separate installations of this FileMaker solution.  Some are hosted on their own server, some are hosted on servers managed by us, and some are local installs.


My client is interested in separating out even more of the files, for easier updating and maintenance.  They would like to separate the business logic (scripts) from the UI into a separate file, that could be swapped out whenever changes or bug fixes were needed. 


Has anyone done this level of separation?  I can think of how I would do this if I were starting from scratch, but that's not really an option.  The solution is big, hundreds of scripts, lots of layouts.  Not really feasible to go through and replace every script call to call a script in a separate file.  Has anyone found another way of doing this?


Thanks in advance!