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FM14.02 on Windows 8.1 - slooow and Line-Jumping in ScrW'space

Discussion created by Markus Schneider on Oct 15, 2015
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since I'm on a 'closed' system, I can't update by myself, therefore I'm on 14.02. If some of the issues are resolved under 14.03, I would be very happy to hear..


- when copying scriptsteps in a script that is longer than the screen, after pasting the scriptstep, the position on the window changes. This is a #1 Bug because it can lead to destroying a script

- in the printer setup dialog, it's not possible to use Enter/Esc Keys, mouse-actions required (I'm on a 2 monitor setup...)

- moving scriptsteps is dangerous as well because clicking on a scriptstep will not 'pick' the step for moving

- it's much slower than on OSX


while I'm quite happy wit V14.02 on OSX, on Windows 8.1 it's terrible

- when enlarging the script workspace, a black bar appears for a while (until the window goes to the desired size)

- when editing a text in a layout, clicking outside that text takes some seconds until the text will be 'released'


as noted for the script issues, I also never had the two issues above on OSX


OSX is in general much faster with V14



- I'm on a virtual system, could be part of the problems (although other users in my environment confirmed the issues, they are on local systems)

- we are about to migrate from 11 to 14, running some tests and encountered those issues. Under V11, none of them are present, same environment



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