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Best strategy? I don't know

Question asked by EpictetusFan on Oct 14, 2015

I don't know the 'best' strategy to take in creating an FMP database for my cleaning / maintenance business.


Background: Over fiftteen years I've built my business into forty or so clients, mainly homes and a few small offices. Inspired by the successful implementation in the 1960s, and beyond, of the South Koreans to  "Work smarter, not harder" I decided to create a FMP database focused on being knowledgeable in helping my clients maintain all aspects of their homes.


The Problem: I'm not sure if I should attempt to build an FMP 'solution' myself, given the complexity of such a task, or purchase something created by one of you and incur the up front and probably on-going costs.


My skill set: If Mark Osborne skills are 10 then mine are 2. I put in a lot of time several years ago and things fell apart once I got into creating relations between files/databases.


So following the Korean motto to  'work hard at working smarter' a light  went on that said:


John.... before you invest 100's of hours on creating a FMP solution for your clients (something at which I might fail) you should ask this knowledgeable community of FMP developers: What, in your opinion, is 'the best' strategy and based on your replies the 'best' tactics will be, if not obvious, at least clearer.  


John Dodson

Ottawa, Ontario


..... is it kosher to include my email?