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Using Filemake to eliminate paper forms ?

Question asked by BrianBurwell on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2015 by erolst

I work for a large corporation, I am wanting to see if it sounds do-able to try to recreate the forms we use in a database and have the report mirror the current form we use now.    An example is for fresh foods.   We have a temperature walk sheet that has loads of data on it.   And the sheet is good for 1 day and encompasses 12-14 separate walks each day.  Each walk the person would record the temperatures for specific locations in the business and have a manager sign off on the walk each time.


To me the entry form in the database would encompass essentially 1 walk with all the various points of data.  Then though the reporting you would try to build it to look like the other form that had all the numbers (barely legible as they were hand written originally) and in columns across the page (portrait) resembling the same look as was there before. 


Does this sound remotely doable ?   I would want to include signature / initial boxes that would capture the info and have at the bottom of each column.



Thanks.. Brian