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    FileMaker Server and Virtualized OS X Server for Open Directory




      Since FileMaker Server and OS X Server don't play well together, I'm investigating running a virtualized instance of OS X on our Mac Mini specifically to run Server and Apple Open Directory so I can use External Authentication (and not have to enter user data for e v e r y  s i n g l e  p e r s o n  in the company into every FM file.  So, the Mac Mini will run both FM Server and OS X Server on the same machine that will be located at Macminicolo.net


      The only thing that Apple Open Directory will be used for is FileMaker authentication. Anticipated server load should hover around ten people, sporadically.


      A FileMaker tech support rep suggested VirtualBox. I'm having a small issue getting it installed, but working on resolving that. (It won't see the virtual hard drive, so if anyone knows has an idea, please let me know. I've posted in the VB forum, but the post still needs to be approved.)


      Has anyone else done this? Is the juice worth the squeeze?